Timeshare Release Now, LLC (www.TimeshareReleaseNow.com) of Portland, Maine.

We are Timeshare Advocates and #1 Cancellation Agency in the US, located in the heart of Downtown Portland, Maine.  We are dedicated to protecting our clients from the unfair practices of timeshare companies. Our experienced, knowledgeable legal staff and intake managers will work hard for you throughout our fast and secure process of Contract Relief & Recovery, and assist you in getting you out of your timeshare membership contract – forever.

The process described herein covers most common scenarios. Each client’s file may be different, and your assigned Case Manager will make adjustments accordingly.

The Process: 
» Case Analyst Assignment: APlus Advocacy assigns an experienced timeshare advocate to assist in getting you out of your timeshare contract.

» Welcome Package to Client: A welcome letter is sent to you via US Postal Service within 24-48 hours, the client, with the contact numbers of the customer service department and the assigned case manager that will be assisting with your file.

» Documents Submitted: Client sends all requested documents to the offices of A Plus Advocacy. Advocates uses documents to prepare cancellation file.

» Document Preparation: APlus Consultants professionally draft the documents necessary to cancel ownership.

» Case Manager Demand: Case Manager assists in the preparation of all documents on your behalf and sends the demand letter to the timeshare resort for cancellation. YOU DO NOTHING!

» Timeshare Company Acceptance: Timeshare company receives the demand letter for your timeshare contract cancellation, and then communicates back to our legal department.

» Client Notification: Client is notified in writing approximately every 60-90 days until all Resort Notifications are completed. We hope to be sending you, as fast as possible, a notification that states:

Congratulations! You are out of your timeshare. Then you would mail the “ORIGINAL DEED” back to our corporate offices.