Attorney Richard Muske

Richard Muske, Esq.

Legal Counsel

Area of practice


Attorney Richard Muske. Esq. (Legal Counsel) has been with the company since 2016 when the company as we started to see significant growth within the company. With going from 8 employees to over 25 in the matter of months, more clients = more problems.  Since Day 1 Richard has done nothing but exceed our expectations as our Legal Counsel working side-by-side with Jake Moore, Esq. We are growing day by day and our legal needs are increasing as we grow and push ahead.


Attorney Muske has extensive background within the Litigation & Real Estate Law areas including contract tort and bankruptcy matters. Having these tools to perform our 100% Guaranteed Timeshare Exit Program we offer to protect the client’s financial well-being and is nothing like having the professionals at your fingertips….huh? Having worked for the most prestige Law Firm in Boston, MA working side-by-side with the most well-known attorneys in the Boston, Massachusetts criminal district and knowing how everything is done played a key role in the attorneys position and becoming a Specialized Advocate for Timeshare Release Now, LLC within no time, helping our clients with relief from their Timeshare contractual agreements for life.

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